Ethiopia’s Growth Enabling to Implement Climate Resilient, Green Development Strategy: Professor Sterner

Addis Ababa April 25/2017 The rapid economic growth in Ethiopia can create good opportunity and enabling situation in implementing its climate resilient and green development strategy, according to Professor Thomas Sterner of University of Gothenburg and Former Chief Economist of Environment Defense Fund (EDF). Professor Thomas Sterner made the remark in his keynote address to

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Sweden Supporting Development of Ethiopia’s Forestry Resource

Addis Ababa February 25/2017 Sweden is committed to supporting the development of Ethiopia’s forestry resource which contributes to the livelihood of communities and to mitigate climate change. Ethiopia has been working to increase its forest coverage to 30 percent in the coming 15 years. Forest resources are significant for the nation’s economy, environment, biodiversity and

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Minister Calls on Stakeholders to Exert More Effort to Ensure Green Economy

Addis Ababa Feburary 10/2017 Stakeholders are expected to exert more effort to ensure sustainable green economy in the country, Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change (MoEFCC) said. Speaking at a consultative forum today, MoEFCC Minister Dr. Gemedo Dalle said that integrated efforts are needed to build climate resilient green economy. Building climate resilient green

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