MEFCC has celebrated the Ethiopian Nations Nationalities and Peoples Day


By: Abeje Tariku

The Ethiopian Nations Nationalities and Peoples Day has been celebrated at Eliana Hotel on December 3/2017. The panel has been attended with all employees and leaders of the ministry. Addressing the event with an opening speech, state minister Kare Chawecha stated that ” The Ethiopian Nations Nationalities and peoples day is celebrated every year to remember and aware citizens with mutual values of the constitutional declarations that by far serve our coexistence.”

Nations Nationalities and People

The panel is held after the presentation of a document titled with “National Diversity; Democracy; and Democratic Ethnic”. The document has details of federalism and its design in Ethiopia. Further it entails the success, challenges and to dos in order to maintain our national sovereignty and national cooperation. Different questions, suggestions and opinions has been raised from the participants and reacted up on both from the audiences and the panelists.

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