Light Rail Transit Brings Honor to Addis

Addis Ababa April 21/2017 The Light Rail Transit (LRT) of Addis Ababa has brought honor to City of Addis Ababa as it introduces carbon neutral transportation system.

Addis Ababa has received the C40 Cities Award, in the category of transportation, because of the light rail transit, with the projected cumulative emission reduction potential of 1.8 million tCO2e by 2030.

It was in December that the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group announced that Addis Ababa is among the 10 cities that won the awards provided in 10 various categories.

City Mayor Diriba Kuma has received the award on Thursday in Addis Ababa from C40 Regional Director for Africa, Hasting Chikako.

The Regional Director during the occasion said the City has won the award for the efforts it has made to reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector particularly in railway transport.

He said Addis Ababa has honored because of the commitment, excellence and innovation demonstrated by the city and the Ethiopian Railway Corporation through the implementation of the light rail transit system.

He indicated that the Awards are aimed at ensuring that cities that are demonstrating true leadership in addressing climate change are globally recognized.

In this regard, Addis Ababa has demonstrated a great commitment to green growth by giving a priority to the environment, he said.

“A number of cities from Africa including Johannesburg, Accra and Cape Town participated but only Addis Ababa managed to bring the award to Africa”, he said.

Mayor Deriba Kuma on his part said the light rail transit is at the forefront of championing low carbon transport system for Addis Ababa.

It is the only viable project to be operational in Sub-Saharan Africa providing a greater benefit for the city, he said.

Addis Ababa was honored with the award from among more than 100 cities in the entire world that competed last September. Source ENA