Global Green Growth Week 2017 (GGGWeek2017) – Ethiopia

Global Green Growth Week 2017 (GGGWeek2017)

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Government of Ethiopia will host Global Green Growth Week 2017 (GGGWeek2017) from 17 October to 20 October, 2017, at the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Over 250 global representatives will attend GGGWeek2017, including high-level ministers, thought leaders, institutional investors and decision makers seeking to scale up green growth in Africa and around the world.
The event will serve as an opportunity to network, learn, share, and catalyze creative solutions for transformational green growth.

GGG Week 2017

#GGGWeek2017 will feature opportunities to forge partnerships, identify research areas, secure financing, and engage with global green growth leaders. With a focus on environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive economic growth, sustainable resource management, climate finance, and more.
#GGGWeek2017 will provide participants with learning and sharing opportunities across a range of sectors and thematic areas.

Throughout GGG Week 2017, interactive sessions will highlight examples and best practices of global green growth interventions, policies and strategies. Leading global advocates for green growth will host sessions in partnership with GGGI, including the African Development Bank, the African Union, the CGIAR Consortium, the Global Green Growth Forum, the Green Growth Knowledge Platform, the Green Technology Center, the International Renewable Energy Agency, the New Climate Economy, Price water house Coopers, the World Resources Institute and more!

Ethiopia’s GHG MRV Framework

GGG Week 2017 will gather green growth stakeholders from private, public and academic sectors, who will offer their perspectives on countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Recognizing the importance of such global commitments, GGGWeek2017 will feature sessions such as Partnering for the Green Global Goals 2030, Towards Post-2020 Transparency: Launching of Ethiopia’s GHG MRV Framework, and Africa Countries’ NDC Implementation and Cooperation with Korea.

Given the ambitious NDC goals that many countries have committed to, as well as their varying needs and available resources, climate finance is at the forefront of NDC implementation. It is critical to match global climate and development finance with countries that have both the greatest needs and most opportunities for transformational impact. Leveraging finance for climate action is a key theme of GGG Week 2017, with sessions on matching climate finance with bankable projects, including Financing Africa: Mobilizing Local Capital Markets for Renewable Energy Investment and Matching Climate Finance to Project Pipeline.

Maintaining and leveraging the value of natural resources is a challenge many developing countries face.

Through sessions on sustainable resource management, participants will share opportunities, examples, and discussions on managing our most valuable assets. Sessions include Innovating Agriculture for Climate and Food Security in Africa, Mainstreaming Natural Capital in Green Growth Policy making for Africa, and Sustainable Water Management in Ethiopia.

Examples from across the globe illustrate green growth in action across diverse geographies and sectors. Sharing these experiences and lessons learned will enhance and accelerate global knowledge of green growth implementation for more impactful results. GGGWeek2017 will highlight transformational green growth initiatives through sessions like Africa’s Green Energy Challenges and Off-grid Renewable Energy Solutions, Green Strategies and Success Stories in Africa, Greening the Belt and Road Initiative, and Greening African Cities.

GGG Week 2017 is being organized with the support, contributions and extensive cooperation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The event builds on GGGI’s in-country program to support Ethiopia implement its Climate Resilient and Green Economy strategy. GGGWeek2017 will highlight Ethiopia’s accomplishment toward achieving these goals, and will feature a site visit that highlight some of Ethiopia’s renewable energy and other green growth projects.

GGGWeek2017 will gather green growth stakeholders to share, collaborate, and take concrete steps toward building a more economically vibrant, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable world!
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