Ethiopia’s Growth Enabling to Implement Climate Resilient, Green Development Strategy: Professor Sterner

Addis Ababa April 25/2017 The rapid economic growth in Ethiopia can create good opportunity and enabling situation in implementing its climate resilient and green development strategy, according to Professor Thomas Sterner of University of Gothenburg and Former Chief Economist of Environment Defense Fund (EDF).

Professor Thomas Sterner made the remark in his keynote address to the first Annual Conference on Ethiopia’s Green Development Path that opened today.

The country’s trade and FDI dramatic growth is conducive for industrialization as well as the development of renewable energy potentials such as solar, hydro, and wind, the professor said.

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change  Minister, Dr. Gemedo Dale, told reporters that Ethiopia is on the right track since all sectors have been mainstreamed with the Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy and structure for implementing have been put in place.

In this regard, everybody believes that the nation is growing vastly but also following green and clean path as a result of the top leadership’s commitment.

The conference underway would have significant contributions towards bridging the gap between policy and implementation on the one hand and research on the other, the minister said.

The conference will also discuss research and analysis on key issues while a number of studies on institutions are also expected to be presented, he added.

Environment and Climate Research Center Director, Dr. Haileselassie Medhin said this conference will bring out the latest evidences on how Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient and Green Development Agenda can be implemented.

Ethiopian is practicing a very integrated comprehensive green development strategy which many countries do not have. So this is a key success by itself, the director stated.

Source: ENA