Ethiopia hosting second annual conference on Climate Resilient Green Economy

May 21, 2018

Sheraten Addis , Addis Ababa

The second annual conference on climate resilient green economy is undergoing in Addis Ababa. Participating people from all over the world, the conference is aimed at the evaluation of Ethiopian CRGE and thereby share experiences amongest participants as well as the nations. Co-hosted by the ministry of Environment, forest and climate change and Ethiopian Development Research Institute, the conference will stay for two days.
Speaking at the opening of the conference, Dr. Gemedo Dalle, minister of MoFECC explained that, Ethiopia is committed to and particularly witnessed a greener way of development. Minister further mentioned that the sectorial Implementation approach of Ethiopian CRGE make it more practical and policy friendly. According to the minister, the integrative approaches we use make our development path `sartorially Resilient and do easy to implement However, monitoring and evaluation of CRGE across sectors stayed challenging. H.E Ato Belete Tafere in his presentation ‘National Integrated land use planning and policy’ emphasized that Ethiopia as part of its CRGE has taken an initiative to develop all its potentials in an integrated approach including highlands, wetlands and mountains. Follow up research papers are conducted on topics like Forest sector development in Ethiopia, Monitoring sustainable Development and Innovation and Institutional coordination to Green Ethiopia’s Industrialization.