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Ethiopia Forest Sector Review

Ethiopia Forest Sector Review Focus on commercial forestry and industrialization (Technical Report) This Forest Sector Review – the first comprehensive analysis in 20 years – broadly aims to provide an update on the status of the forest sector in Ethiopia, and specifically to inform the Government’s next Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP2) about the most

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Ethiopia Forest fast-track implementation

Ethiopia, Forest fast-track implementation: Ethiopia’s action plan to create a green economy One of the four initiatives that have been selected for fast-track implementation is Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD). The government is using significant resources to build and implement its green economy, but to capture the full potential of the plan;

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Ethiopia Forest Sector GHG Emissions

Ethiopia, Forest Sector GHG Emissions GHG emissions baseline in 2010 and BAU up to 2030 Emissions from the Forestry sector are mainly caused by human beings, and are driven by deforestation for agriculture and forest degradation from fuelwood consumption and logging. Under the BAU (Business as usual) scenario, emissions from forestry will increase from 53

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Forest Abatement levers

Forest Abatement levers: Potential and Cost curve Thanks to levers such as afforestation and reforestation, the Forestry sector boasts an abatement potential even higher than the projected increase in emissions under the BAU scenario. In total, nine levers have been identified with an abatement potential of up to 131 Mt CO2e (Figure 37). These levers

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Abatement levers feasibility

Abatement levers – feasibility and economic impact assessment Feasible levers with high impact The initiatives that reduce forest degradation as well the ones that increase sequestration have comparably low implementation barriers: Initiatives to reduce forest degradation. Most of the efficient cooking-stove technologies are readily available, have already been tested for applicability, and have been deployed

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About Forest Sector

About Forest Sector of Ethiopia The Forest sector was under Ministry of Agriculture before the Ministry of Environment and Forest was established by the amended proclamation 803/2013. The proclamation mandated the Ministry, inter alias, to Coordinate and ensure the forestry objectives and the basic forestry principles indicated in the forestry policy of Ethiopia. Forest sector

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