Strategic directions of MEFCC

  • Creating an organizational structure which enables the goals stated in the sector to be successful at all levels,. Strengthen the human and financial resource of MEFCC including technological availability.
  • Enhancing the establishment of community based organizations and encourage them to  actively participate in the  forest development, conservation management, and  ensure the economical and ecological benefit of the community
  • Enhancing the contribution of the local people, stakeholders and development partners in the sector
  • Ensuring the economic benefit of women and youths by developing forest lands and by conserving natural forests
  • Provide technological and technical support. in order to ensure the benefit of pastoral communities through environmental and forest development activities
  • Creating enabling environment for the private sector to be the main actor in modernizing the forest sector
  • Establishing a system which enables to control environmental pollution due to urban expansion, change in life style and industrial growth.
  • By improving or creating forest products market chains, enhance their economic importance
  • Implementing climate resilient green economy building at all levels