Management Committee

The Management Committee of MEFCC is the higher level of administrator of the Ministry. The committee lead the Ministry strategically and responsible to H.E. Minister of MEFCC.

List of Management Committee members and their role:-

No Category Members Name Role
1 Ministers H.E. Minister Chairperson
2 H.E. State Minister of Environment and Climate Change Sector Member
3 H.E. State Minister of Forest Sector Member
4 Director Generals Policy, Laws and Standard Preparation Member
5 Public Awareness Creation and Development Member
6 Environmental and social impact assessment and licensing Member
7 State of the Environment Member
8 Climate Change Coordination Member
9 የአካባቢ ህግ ተከባሪነት ክትትልና ቁጥጥር Member
10 የሰው ሰራሽ ደን ልማትና እንክብካቤ ማስተባበሪያ Member
11 Natural Forest Protection and Conservation Member
12 Forest resources Inventory, Demarcation and Management Plan Preparation Member
13 የደን ሀብት አጠቃቀም፣ ግብይትና ቁጥጥር Member
14 Directorates Public Relation Member & Secretary
15 Reform and Good Governance Member
16 Female and Youth Affairs Member
17 Plan and Budget Preparation, Supervision and Evaluation Member
18 Ethical Voiceless Participant
19 Other Office of the Ministry Member
Total 19